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Everything About Moon Rocks You Have to Know & Moon Rocks As A Potent Cannabis.

When you hear of a weed substance named moon rocks, you can picture some really disturbing truths, but this is yet another super-potent specialization in a few states.

What exactly are Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks are said to have first existed in a dispensary called Starbudz760. Kurupt, a West Coast musician, popularized Moon Rocks to the point that he trademarked his own version, Kurupt Moon rock.

How powerful are Moon Rocks?

The strength of your Moon Rocks is largely determined by who you bought them from or who made them. The hemp bud is the foundation of your Moon Rocks. Most cannabis strains contain about 20% THC on average, but some can contain as much as 25%-30%.

The majority of users believe that Moon Rocks contain about 50% THC. Regardless of how you look at it, a hit off Moon Rocks would blow your mind.
How is Moon Rocks smoking? When you reach Moon Rocks, you’ll get a tasty, terpene-rich kief taste that will make your mouth water right away. When you shoot up a Moon Rock, you’ll get those huge thick, dark, and heavy clouds of smoke.

We’re curious, how does the high feel? The intensity is palpable. Strong. Extremely efficient. Imagine being struck by a cannabis-laden freight train. When you smoke Moon Rocks, it’s like that. Moon Rocks’ high is gradual at first, lulling you into a false sense of confidence. Don’t get us wrong: you’ll feel great, but that’s just the beginning.

You’ll notice that you’re a lot higher than you ever thought thirty minutes after first smoking your Moon Rock. Some inexperienced smokers are about to reach the point of the high where they wonder, “What have I just done?” If you’ve ever had a rush of adrenaline, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Moon rock carts:

Moon rock Cartridges is a top-quality THC distillation that measures about 90%. The 1-gram cartridge is produced through a multi-step purification process, infused with all-natural terpenes.

The power depends on how it is produced, how it is produced, and what additives are used. According to Leafly, moon rocks typically float around 50% THC. Common strains in dispensaries usually vary from 17 to 28 percent THC to help bring this into context.

Skittles Moon Rock:

The Moon Rock Skittles is an indica-dominated hybrid, grown by California-based seed business 3rd gen Fam, a colorful, original Kurupt Moonrock by the popular American rapper Kurupt.

The strain won the first indica in 2015 for highly multi-cannabis cups in San Francisco and Michigan, and first place in the 2016 emerald cup, then Moon rocks were created with a wonderful effort to look like a squirrel while keeping you tall all day and night long. In reality, this strain was a cross between the ape and grapefruit. Skittles moon rocks are a Megazord THC, mostly decorative cannabis, dipped in or scraped with hash oil. Any load of skittles produces 50 percent THC, while the moon rocks.

Advice on moon rocks smoking:
For experienced cannabis users, the Moon Rocks are recommended as they pack a strong boost. Here are few tips on preparing for your brush with Moon Rocks.

Glassware use:

If you are a bong or a pipe, use some Moon Rocks glassware because it’s not your usual flora. It is dense and fat and must be rubbed off piece by section, just when you attempt to divide a Nerd’s Rope with someone.

You would have not just enough Moon Rocks to do so (unless you buy, like 18 g); you will not be able to keep it lit as a regular blunt/joint will remain lit.

Eat before you smoke:

Before, the main term is. If the moon rock is so strong, you would not feel nauseous from putting anything in your stomach. The munchies are just going to help to stay down.

Choose the right place:

If you’re hitting Moon Rocks, do so in a cozy and attractive setting that brings your soul life to everything around you. All you want is to relax and relax in yourself, so take a step forward and get the couch game ready. You’ll have the perfect couch.


Dr. Zodiak was quoted that the potency of their product is what separates Kurupt’s Moon Rocks weed from the other marijuana products. Proclaimed to be “The Strongest Bud In Your Galaxy.”

The first use of cannabis was recorded somewhere between 2000 BC – 500 BC. For centuries, people have smoked it, burned it, vaped it, ate it, turned it into a concentrate and so on.